When Ranil Wickremesinghe was Prime Minister under D.B.Wijetunge – the E P was captured

July 5, 2007

It is best that this Government which boasts of trying to capture the North for the first time in Sri Lanka understands that it is under Ranil Wickremesinghe as the Defence Minister when D.B.Wijetunge was the President and with Lucky Algama and Janaka Perera as the Heads of the armed Forces that the Eastern province was captured from the LTTE.

The armed forces, the Special units and the commandos advancing to the Thoppigala area were able to search and destroy the LTTE cadres. In consequence of this, the LTTE Leader Karuna Amman fled to Wanni..In these victories there were only few casualties among our Forces. Besides, there was no harm inflicted on the civilians and Peace in that area was restored

Thereafter, the Government at that time could even conduct Provincial Council elections in that region peacefully .Over 70 % of the registered voters could exercise their franchise without any hindrance or violence.

In addition, a President’s Mobile Services was established in Batticaloa and a National day celebrations was held in Vavuniya.


Sri Lanka will end up as a divided nation like Ethiopia and Timor due to Rajapakse regime incapacity – Ranil

July 2, 2007


At the inaugural convention of “ Lawyers against corruption and anarchy “ at the New Town Hall on 1st July, Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe pledged that he will not allow the draconian piece of legislation “criminal defamation law” to become law, although the Government is trying to pass this despite mounting opposition.

Referring to the rapid and massive degeneration in social and human values, and the unprecedented upsurge of crimes in the country, he said armed groups and LTTE on the one and the Government on the other side are responsible to this tragic situation.

While commending the religious leaders and lawyers for coming forward to fight anarchy, he asked why the Business chambers were quiet over the abductions and extortions of businessmen.

He also warned that Sri Lanka would end up as a divided Nation like Timor and Ethiopia, if this Govt. cannot solve the National issue. The image of Sri Lanka in the International scene has dropped to zero, he claimed