Budget 2008 serves to ease only President`s burdens!

It was revealed  in Parliament yesterday (20Nov) that the Govt. was planning to offer tax defaulters an  amnesty of Rs. 147 billion  next year, while clamping new taxes to the tune of Rs. 125 billion on the already struggling masses. This amnesty was almost equal to the Defence allocation of Rs. 166 billion in the 2008 budget.

Further, only Rs. 750 million has been allocated for the welfare of 75000 troops, while Rs. 5.7 billion has been passed for President Rajapakse alone as Commander in Chief of the Forces. !

The allocation for Auditor General’s Dept. which has been responsibly exposing Govt.sector, and Ministry rackets and frauds has been slashed by Rs. 306 million for the ensuing year.


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