Rajapakse regime tottering and many from that side preparing to cross over – Tissa Attanayake

Tissa Attanayake, UNP Gen. Secretary at a Media briefing today (28 Jun) at he UNP Media Unit referred to the momentous meeting this morning between Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe and Mangala Samaraweera of the newly formed SLFP (M) party .

He said the meeting was fruitful and that a joint Committee had been appointed to work together for onward course of action. The main objective was to extricate the country from the abysmal despair and devastation the country is presently in, and to restore democracy, human rights and peace sans corruption, tyranny and poverty.

He also related the absolute disarray in the Government. Statements and reports are made by the Ministers which are totally contradictory and conflicting without any responsibility. Among others, he cited the recent Tamils evacuation issue, and the irresponsible and shortsighted utterances made by the Government’s Senior Ministers.

The whole aim and ambition of the Government now in their desperation is to nourish themselves as best as they could like the vultures waiting for their prey. They are trying to abolish the PERC because it is standing as an obstruction to direct dealings in Government contracts. If this is removed, the Ministers and their stooges can make hay while the sun shines. It will open the flood gates for commissions to them in those deals.

Referring to the Govt.s efforts to restore the Criminal defamation Act which was abolished by Rail Wickremesinghe’s regime is aimed at eroding and muzzling Press freedom. We vehemently oppose this move and will not allow this bill to be passed in Parliament, he added.

JVP is getting jittery about alliances because they have totally let down the people in their alliances with the Chandrika and Rajapakse Governments.At those elections they promised the people to deliver the goods with these alliances, but miserably failed. Now, they cannot disgorge nor swallow. They is not staging protests against the Government despite all these hardships because they are equally responsible as the Government for this country’s present dire and sorry plight.

The cost of living cannot be controlled because the country’s economy is being eaten into by Govt. corruption. Bribes, wastage and bungling, although war is cited as an excuse, he concluded.

He also told the public to anticipate a lot of changes in the next few months against the Government as their own stalwarts are disillusioned.



One Response to “Rajapakse regime tottering and many from that side preparing to cross over – Tissa Attanayake”

  1. State in SriLanka Says:

    mahinda and the rajapakse clan, click, cronies and the rajapakse gang’s corruption, election fraud, deceptions, murders, denials, dismissals, abuses and misuses of power are coming out now. How long can the rajapakse gang cover up their conspiracy and plot.
    This rajapakse gang uses the war as an excuse to cover up thier curruption, fraud, cunning deception, covert operation etc. mahinda and his rajapakse gang is the main problem for the country, and problem of the tiny island Sri-Lanka.

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