Mangala Samaraweera who crossed over expressed deep and bitter disappointment with the Govt

Ousted Minister Mangala Samaraweera who crossed over to the Opposition recently expressed deep and bitter disappointment with the Govt. which he and his supporters he said worked so hard to install in power this view is endorsed by all people given the present desperation the country has been driven into, he added.

He was sorry that he had to take this step, but he had no choice as the Government was not following the policies and principles of the original SLFP .. This group is enriching itself at the expense of the country and the masses. He bemoaned.

Today, terror, corruption, lawlessness and abductions reign supreme with State patronage. The white Van is the Govt.’s symbol of all these evils. The entire country is in a grip of a fear psychosis.

He accused that the cost of living is spiraling out of control, price hikes are endless, EPF funds are being squandered, business is stranded as businessmen are harassed, the ethnic war is escalating claiming innocent lives, refugee problem aggravating, but, the man who claimed to be the ‘Leader’ vested with Executive powers is using it as exploitation powers impoverishing and inflicting acute hardships on the very people who elected him into power. His brothers too have arrogated these Executive powers to themselves only to advance their selfish interests and not country’s interests.

Even in the ethnic conflict, the Government is simply playing into the hands of the LTTE compromising the country’s sovereignty by its muddle- headed approach towards the war. It has made a hash of the war efforts, he alleged.

Internationally too Sri Lanka is fast heading for complete isolation. The only obstruction from the Country becoming a Police State with day to day murder and mayhem committed with impunity is the independent judicial system, he claimed.


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