At today’s Press conference at the UNP Media Unit…

Mohomed Mahroof, the UNP Parliamentarian asserted that the country’s lawlessness has reached such alarming proportions that every law-abiding citizen is in mortal fear .. It is only the lawbreakers, criminals, murderers, abductors, extortionists and plunderers who are free and fearless, because, only they can identify themselves with the Govt.’s

Referring to the recent abductions, murders and extortion on Muslim Businessmen, he castigated the Muslim representatives belonging to the PA, Muslim Congress and others in Parliament for being deaf and dumb to these incidents. “Are they there only to safeguard their portfolios?” It is high time they tendered their resignations.

He recalled the arrest of an Indian businessman at the KIA a few months ago who was subsequently released by the Courts as the beginning of this vicious crime spiral. Thereafter, the money changers were extorted, and now the businessmen. Beginning with the Tamil community it spread to the Muslim community and what community is next ?, he asked.

During President Premadasa’s time, when a problem of this sort arose, he took intelligent and concerted action and nipped it in the bud. This Govt. in contradistinction is encouraging the marauders, murderers and abductors by arresting and harassing those who expose and speak out against the Govt. ‘s impotence to investigate and nab the criminals. It is also the common belief that there is backing from the Govt. to these criminals given the impunity with which these crimes are committed., he added.

The UNP and its Parliamentarians who have always stood for a United Sri Lanka irrespective of race and religious differences cannot be deterred by the despotic, dictatorial and diabolic tactics of the Government. If the Govt. fails to halt these terror trends and tyranny in the country immediately, the UNP will demonstrate and agitate even in the streets and whip up support internationally against the tyranny and corruption of this Rajapakse rgeime.


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