Abductions: UNP tells Muslim ministers to quit

By Yohan Perera

UNP Muslim MPs yesterday came out hard on the government over the abduction of Muslim businessmen and vowed to take to the streets and also take the issue up with the diplomats of Muslim countries. They also called on the Muslim ministers to resign from their posts if they were scared to talk while being part of the government.

UNP Kegalle MP Kabir Hashim told a media conference that Muslim ministers should resign from their posts if they couldn’t take up the issue with the President. He said it was a pity that these ministers were keeping silent when the Muslim community was so immensely affected by this growing trend of abductions.

Mr. Hashim explained the Muslims had lived in harmony with other communities from the times of the Sinhalese kings. Citing examples he said Prince Mayaduna had two Muslim generals in his army.

“However some power hungry forces are disturbing this friendship between the two communities by abducting and terrorising the Muslim business community,” he said.

Mr. Hashim said a large number of Muslim businessmen were leaving the country because of the growing trend of abductions.

UNP Kandy district MP Abdul Carder said the government couldn’t pretend it was not aware of these abductions as it was happening under their very eyes. “President Rajapaksa promised to put an end to ‘Kale Nithiya’ (law of the jungle) but is it not the ‘Kale Nithiya’ reigning supreme today,” he asked.

UNP Colombo District MP Mohamed Maharoof said the UNP would give the government two weeks notice to resolve this issue and if not it would take to the streets against this lawlessness.

The MPs also vehemently condemned the questioning by the CID of former Colombo Deputy Mayor Azath Salley over a statement he made on abductions. –DM



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